No League This Sunday, 4/20/14

easterThis Sunday, Easter Sunday, the Fincastle Gym Leaders are unfortunately going to be busy all afternoon.  Therefore, there will be no league (for this Sunday only, of course).  While we will miss seeing you all, enjoy the day… looks like spring weather will be back by then.  Don’t forget, the Gym will more than make up for it next weekend, with the XY-Flashfire pre-release and league afterwards!  We’ll post full details this weekend.  Happy Easter to all and see you next weekend at the Gym!

Xerneas Results and Congrats to Rob!

xerneasThis past Sunday at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym was a busy and exciting day all the way around.  The day kicked off with the Xerneas League Challenge.  The event saw a nice mix of decks and some very close matches.  Following the League Challenge, the Gym moved on to its own brand of challenge, the Gym Leader Challenge.  For the 2nd season in a row, a trainer took home a gym badge on the same day as a League Challenge. Continue reading

Isiah M Completes Challenge #300 At Gym!

THIS…. IS…. FINCASTLE!!!!!!  And we are a peaceful folk.  Tonight, we dine in… probably Country Cookin or Subway.  The other place is a little hot for our tastes.  Sorry, Leonidas.  No “Hot Gates”, no sending young warriors off into the wilderness to toughen up or die, and definitely no running around in leather underwear and a cape.  We don’t have the abs for that.  What we do have is the Fincastle Pokemon Gym, one of leo1the most unique leagues in the country, possibly the world.  The centerpiece of the Gym is the Gym Leader Challenge.  After completing 2 rows on a league/season scorecard, any trainer is eligible to sign up for the challenge of his choice, a best 2-of-3 match against a single type deck (grass, fire, water, etc.) that could net you a custom designed badge, if you win, and put you on the path towards becoming League Champion, a task that no one has achieved yet. Continue reading

Congratulations Alex T!

attackedThe Fincastle Pokemon Gym, in the midst of the State Championship series in the TCG, has been steadily climbing closer and closer to our 300th challenge.  Whether it is coincidence or a sign of good things to come from our Gym is unknown, but as we get closer, the challengers have been brutal against the Gym Leaders.  Over the last few weeks, 3 trainers (Alan, Ryan and Wesley) have earned gym badges.  Brycen F flat-out mauled his nemesis, the Fighting-type deck, in game 1 of a recent challenge and then missed taking the match and badge in game 2 by 10 damage before Gym Leader Joel turned the tables and came back to win that game and the 3rd of the challenge.  Davis N experienced almost the same thing last week as he destroyed the Fire-type deckpoisoned in the 1st game of his challenge and then narrowly lost game 2 thanks to his active Keldeo EX staying “asleep” on a coin flip.  He then fell victim to a horrible start in his 3rd game leading to a loss of the challenge.  The Gym Leaders know that the 3 badges lost in the last few weeks could easily be 5 or more.

Continue reading

Congratulations Ryan and Wesley!

badges&more 064This Sunday at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym, there was another full slate of trainers ready to challenge the Gym Leaders of their choice.  The Gym welcomed 2 new players this week, in addition to helping a few of our “regulars” with some deck builds.  Gym Leaders Joel and Marthe both fielded challenges for the Fire-type and Psychic-type badges respectively.  Last Sunday our “Wall of Fame” welcomed its 19th resident.  At the end of this day at the Gym, the wall expanded again as 2 more trainers earned their 1st badges at the Gym. Continue reading

Froakie Results and Congratulations Alan!

Basketball fans and Pokemon fans alike, March Madness is here.  The Gym Leaders just finished a busy week of games and banquets to wrap our winter sports season up, in addition to watching our Alma Mater battle its way through to the semi’s of their conference tournament (upsetting the #6 and then #3 seeds along the way… way to go Generals!!), all the while making preparations for thew&l up-coming Pokemon State Championship series.  So, we hope you understand our delay in getting around to reporting on last weekend’s Froakie League Challenge and league activities.  The Fincastle Gym had a small but competitive group via for the League Challenge points, with 16 players and 3 rounds of swiss play in each age group.  During league play after the event, the Gym Leaders jumped into another group of Gym Leader Challenges.  We have been taking on several each week over the last few weeks and had some trainers come very close to earning a Fincastle Gym Badge.  Win or lose, each match had also moved us 1 step closer to challenge #300.  Last Sunday, someone finally broke through and took away the 1st gym badge earned this year. Continue reading

Fincastle League Challenge Tournament this Sunday 2/23/14

Ashs_FroakieThe Fincastle Pokemon Gym will host its third League Challenge of the year this Sunday at the Fincastle library.

The Froakie League Challenge:

  • Sunday 2/23/14 @ Fincastle Library meeting room.
  • Registration is from 12:00pm-1:00pm.  Play begins shortly after.
  • Players must bring a 60 card Modified format deck sorted by Pokemon, Trainers, and Energy.
  • Entry fee is $5 (entry fee is waived if you have played at League during this season – 1/19-2/16).


  • 1st Place – Challenge promo card, 4 booster packs & 15 Championship Points.
  • 2nd Place – Challenge promo card, 2 booster packs & 12 Championship Points (if attendance is 4 or more in age group).
  • 3rd/4th Place – promo card, 1 booster pack & 10 Championship Points (if attendance is 8 or more in age group).

We will also have door prizes in each age group.

A few side notes (for newer players):

If you sleeve your deck, the entire deck must be sleeved and all of the sleeves must be the same.  If for some reason your deck does not comply with the Modified format rules, you may still play in the event with a starter deck supplied by the Gym.  Gym Leader Marthe will do a deck-check of everyone’s deck to verify that all of the cards are in the correct format.  So, please be sure your deck is sorted to make her job easier.  Bring your own damage/poison/burn markers and either a coin or clear, 6-sided die (for flips).

If you have any questions, email us at our league email.   We are excited about the event and hope you all are too!  See you Sunday at the Gym!

250px-Ash_FroakieIf you can’t make it for the tournament, we’ll still have our regular League when the tournament is finished.  All games during League this week will get double marks as we get ready to start a new season next week!

TCG Online Spotlight – Totoro

totoroWith the latest set of the TCG expansions going on sale this week, the Fincastle Gym is going to look at one last deck from our online collection before the new cards enter the format.  Like the deck featured in our last article, today’s feature has evolved through several different versions since its creation.  Some of the changes were made to accommodate glitches in the TCG online that would not let some attack effects go through.  There are still a few “abilities” in the TCG online that do not exactly perform as intended (you’ll see what we’re talking about in a minute).  With that being said, let’s look at deck #4 in our spotlight, “Totoro”. Continue reading

TCG Online Spotlight – Angry Birds

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym is back with its 3rd installment of our “online spotlight” after breaking for a few days with X/Y pre-releases.  We had great birdyturnouts at both Cornelius and Fincastle.  While not sure about Cornelius, I know that no one person at Fincastle was lucky enough to get matching EX’s and their mega-evolution, but we saw a nice mix of the “mega’s” and the other new EX’s, including some beautiful full-art cards.  We had a great time and hope you all did too.  Speaking of EX’s, the featured deck today is nothing but.  However, those featured today have never seen the love and hype that several EX’s in the new X/Y set have already, leaving them lost and lonely.  Come to think of it, being ignored as they have, they’re probably pretty angry.  Thus the name, Angry Birds.  Oh, yeah… and they’re birds (almost forgot that part). Continue reading

X/Y Prereleases Start This Saturday & Sunday!

pokeXYThe Fincastle Gym hopes that all are enjoying the Online Spotlight that we have featured with some unique deck ideas to play around with.  We’ll take a break to bring you more exciting news and then return to our final 2 decks in the featurette next week.  On to the news…. this weekend kicks off the much-anticipated X/Y Prerelease circuit, giving players and collectors all over the country a chance to get their hands on the brand new set before it goes on sale in stores.  Depending on where you live, there will be several chances to make one of these events over the next 2 weekends. Continue reading