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Fincastle League Challenge Tournament this Sunday 2/23/14

Ashs_FroakieThe Fincastle Pokemon Gym will host its third League Challenge of the year this Sunday at the Fincastle library.

The Froakie League Challenge:

  • Sunday 2/23/14 @ Fincastle Library meeting room.
  • Registration is from 12:00pm-1:00pm.  Play begins shortly after.
  • Players must bring a 60 card Modified format deck sorted by Pokemon, Trainers, and Energy.
  • Entry fee is $5 (entry fee is waived if you have played at League during this season – 1/19-2/16).


  • 1st Place – Challenge promo card, 4 booster packs & 15 Championship Points.
  • 2nd Place – Challenge promo card, 2 booster packs & 12 Championship Points (if attendance is 4 or more in age group).
  • 3rd/4th Place – promo card, 1 booster pack & 10 Championship Points (if attendance is 8 or more in age group).

We will also have door prizes in each age group.

A few side notes (for newer players):

If you sleeve your deck, the entire deck must be sleeved and all of the sleeves must be the same.  If for some reason your deck does not comply with the Modified format rules, you may still play in the event with a starter deck supplied by the Gym.  Gym Leader Marthe will do a deck-check of everyone’s deck to verify that all of the cards are in the correct format.  So, please be sure your deck is sorted to make her job easier.  Bring your own damage/poison/burn markers and either a coin or clear, 6-sided die (for flips).

If you have any questions, email us at our league email.   We are excited about the event and hope you all are too!  See you Sunday at the Gym!

250px-Ash_FroakieIf you can’t make it for the tournament, we’ll still have our regular League when the tournament is finished.  All games during League this week will get double marks as we get ready to start a new season next week!

X/Y Prereleases Start This Saturday & Sunday!

pokeXYThe Fincastle Gym hopes that all are enjoying the Online Spotlight that we have featured with some unique deck ideas to play around with.  We’ll take a break to bring you more exciting news and then return to our final 2 decks in the featurette next week.  On to the news…. this weekend kicks off the much-anticipated X/Y Prerelease circuit, giving players and collectors all over the country a chance to get their hands on the brand new set before it goes on sale in stores.  Depending on where you live, there will be several chances to make one of these events over the next 2 weekends. Continue reading

City Championship Series Closes Out in Fincastle

This Sunday at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym, the 2013-14 City Championship series came to a close for us and organizers across the country.  For Gym Leader Marthe, this was her first go-round at a PTO.  All told, she ran 4 City Championship tournaments stretching from the metropolis of Fincastle on into the heart of western North Carolina.  New this year for Masters players was the advent to entry fees as part of the Play!Pokemon organization’s restructuring Continue reading

No League Sunday 12/22 – Lots of Chances to Play Still To Come!

Christmas CardWe will not have League at the Fincastle Library this weekend.   The Fincastle Pokemon Gym is in the midst of a whirlwind of City Championships.  With several weeks of some intense battling through the Carolinas behind us, there is still plenty to come.  This Sunday, consider joining us in Harrisonburg for the City Championship at Comic Toast – 2211 S. Main St. Harrisonburg, 22801.  Registration is from 11-11:30 with play beginning shortly afterwards.  You need your completed decklist and Modified format deck to play.  Masters players will be charged a $10 admission fee, all others are free. Continue reading

City Championships Kickoff This Weekend!

pikachu_2001_600x600We had a great turnout for our first Fincastle League Challenge on Sunday, and everyone got in some quality practice for the next level of Pokemon Premier events, which start this weekend.  That’s right, between Thanksgiving and the first weekend of January, the Pokemon calendar will be full of City Championships.  There are 9 events in Virginia plus nearby events in North Carolina.  If you’re planning to travel any time this holiday season, head over to and see if there will be any events near you.  This is also a great way to find local League play when you travel anytime.  Gym Leader Joel has attended leagues in Georgia when he has had to travel for work. Continue reading

Chespin League Challenge Results

Trading after Chespin League Challenge

Trading after Chespin League Challenge

This past Sunday was a double dip of “firsts” for the Fincastle Gym.  The Gym Leaders traveled to Charlotte, NC on Saturday to sample its first League Challenge of the 2013-14 season.  On Sunday, the Fincastle Pokemon Gym hosted its first-ever League Challenge.  The Gym Leaders had a great time at both events, seeing a nice mix of decks on both days, which always make for a more interesting event. Continue reading

Fincastle League Challenge This Sunday (11/24)!

chespinPlay!Pokemon has made several changes for the 2013-14 season that we have discussed in earlier posts.  One of the most notable changes is the replacement of the tournaments formerly known as Battle Roads with the League Challenge.  The major difference in these events is that the Challenge is now run by individual league leaders, instead of tournament organizers.  Each league may host their own Challenge and may have one each season.  Championship points are still available for the winners, however, prize support is up to the individual league.  The Fincastle Pokemon Gym will host its first Challenge of the year this Sunday at the Fincastle library. Continue reading

Legendary Treasures Pre-Release Friday 11/1

texpromoOn Friday, 11/1/13, the Fincastle Gym will host a pre-release tournament featuring the brand new Black & White: Legendary Treasures series of cards – before they can be purchased in stores!  This is the last set of the Black & White card series.  This set features both reprints combined with new printings of big cards from the current format, with the return of a few cards that were just rotated out in September.  Catch both legendary and EX pokemon one more time before they go on sale in stores.

Registration is from 5:30-6:30 pm with play beginning by 7 pm.  The entry fee is $30 (cash only).  You will initially receive 6 booster packs from which you will make a 40 card deck (energy supplied by the organizer).  After we play a for-fun tournament (3 rounds total), you receive an additional 2 booster packs.  You Continue reading

Gym Leader Georgia Wins Philadelphia Regional!

georgiaREGchamp 013If ever there was an 8-year-old who was mentally prepared for a real marathon, we’d like to see how they stack up against the Fincastle Pokemon Gym’s youngest Gym Leader.  The Gym Leaders arrived in Philadelphia at around 8:30pm on Friday to a hotel that was sub-standard at best for a downtown hotel next to the city’s convention center (we’ll spare you the details).  Straight to bed and then back up Saturday morning and at the convention center just after 7:00am, as Gym Leader Marthe had to report to help set up and prepare to judge in the Master Division in what would definitely prove to be an interesting new format.  Play in the TCG event, which was to begin at 10:00am kicked off just prior to 11:00am.  One of our gym leaders walked away with “top 32″ prizes.  More than 12 hours after play began, minutes before midnight, one of our gym leaders walked away as Regional Champion. Continue reading

2013-2014 Rule Changes For TCG

rulessSince the Fincastle Pokemon Gym Leaders started playing the TCG, Play!Pokemon has made several rule changes and rulings that change the definition of existing cards (known as publishing an “errata” or new definition for that card).  The “errata” is usually followed up with a new printing of the changed card with its new definition at some point.  This fall, Pokemon is making both.  The new rulings will definitely have game-changing implications.  The first set of changes is in effect now (for the Fall Regional Championships). The 2nd set comes on November 8th, after the release of X&Y and will be in effect for all tournaments for the remainder of the 2013-14 season. Continue reading