Lost Origins Prerelease This Friday!

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym has had to shift how it does things, as our business, Dark Moon Cards and Games has become our focus. We are largely a convention business, which means we travel to comic cons and anime cons all over the eastern United States. The conflict with our league, The Gym, is that conventions are held on weekends, as was our league. We are brainstorming ideas about a way to revisit our league regularly, but have not come to a solution as of yet.

The 11th Expansion of Sword & Shield

That being said, we are very excited to announce that Dark Moon Cards and Games will be hosting our first prerelease since we were all locked down over 2 years ago. We will hold the release event for Pokemon’s newest card set, Lost Origins, this Friday, September 2nd, from 6pm-10pm at the Charles R Hill Community Center in Vinton, VA. (For more info on the newest set, click the link).

There is no cost to come in and check things out. The entry fee to play in the event is $30, which will provide you with a sealed “Build & Battle” kit from the newest set. From those kits, all participants will build a 40 card deck and enter into a 3 round, for-fun tournament. The winner of each game will earn an additional booster pack. Once the event is completed, all participants will play all 3 rounds will receive 2 additional booster packs from Lost Origins. Gym Leaders Marthe and Joel Honts will be available to help those new to the game build their decks and navigate the rounds.

The trading of cards is not allowed until after the event is completed. As was the rule at The Gym, we ask that anyone under the age of 18 have their trades approved by either Marthe or Joel so that no one ends up on the bad end of a trade.

We will also set up a retail display of what we take to conventions. We import direct from Japan, only products licensed by Nintendo, Creatures & Game Freak, the official creators and owners of all Pokemon merchandise. There is no cost to enter the center, just to play in the event. So, drop in and check out our unique variety of Japanese Pokemon figures, plushies, models, games and more. As of Friday, there are only 113 shopping days until Christmas!

Gym Leader Joel, who still stays on top of everything competitive in the Pokemon world, will be available to talk shop with anyone interested in competitive play. Joel has coached multiple TCG and VG players to success on the local, national and international level. He’ll have a deck or two with him and will try to be available for a game or two depending on how busy things get. Logan Honts, who just competed in the Pokemon World Championships in London will hopefully be on hand to play, depending on his schedule at UVA. We will have a few tables open for free play.

Come by, play some cards, hang out and share your love for all things Pokemon with us. See you this Friday!

Be not afraid. Later.

Urshifu VMAX League Battle Decks: Reviewed & Play-tested!

It was almost weird. It’s been so long since we’ve played an actual card game… not the online garbage that Play!Pokemon has pushed to keep young people enclosed in their basements. It kinda felt good. We haven’t built any actual decks for a while, because when a company cancels its own World Championship during its 25th Anniversary year, we have no idea what to expect from them. We don’t expect much that doesn’t involve face shields and insulting signs everywhere that show you how to properly wear your face panties. Nuff of that.

These decks are the perfect solution for us… already built, relatively competitive (not like your regular starter deck) and fun to play. We had fun playing these games. We hope you enjoy watching them!

Be not afraid. Later.

Celebrations Ultra Premium Box Opening and Review

We haven’t done any opening for a while… cause we can’t get any gosh-dang products to open! Our distributors have been allocating product like Putin handing out toilet paper. We splurged and opened one of these boxes because we wanted the Pikachu cards for Marthe’s collection. It’s okay, we checked with the owner… let me see if I can recap that tense meeting.

Hee-Haw: You want to open one of these?

Marthe: Yup.

Hee-Haw: Okay then.

Man, that was tense. Take a look at the box and see if it is something that you want to track down. As you will see in the video, Hee-Haw thinks it is a very nice product. However, that all depends on whether or not you can find one that doesn’t require a down payment and references to purchase.

Enjoy the watch.

Be not afraid.


A Trio of Sheep: 3 decks to try with Flaaffy.

We’ve been away for a variety of reasons, all explained in this most recent video. We are always thinking about playing the game and new decks. More than can be said for Play!Pokemon at the moment. It’s okay. We’ll get back to normal soon… after we vaccinate everyone here… and on the moon… and on the asteroids that are flying by. Then… maybe. We’ll keep doing our part to try to maintain some interest in the Pokemon Trading Card Game. What better way to do that than throw some sheep at ya. Here are 3 variations of our Flaaffy build; Dracozolt VMAX, Blissey V and Pikachu VMAX. Hee-Haw did not discuss it, but you can see his Rayquaza VMAX build at about the 2:17 mark. So feel free to pause it and check that out as well.


Be not afraid.


New Baby Rapid Strike Urshifu Deck!

We apologize for the long pause. Between working on our website, starting an Instagram account, making more content for Facebook, all while attending shows throughout the SE, it’s been hard to find time to make any YouTube content. Try this deck out, it’s awesome. It has quickly become Hee-Haw’s favorite. Bonus: it’s cheap!

Be not afraid. Later.

Dark Moon Cards & Games Gen Con Announcement!

Tune in on Tuesday, 6/1/2021, at 100pm, and watch a live premier of our first ad. Whether you are blown away by our amazing camera work, or just the enormity of Hee-Haw’s beard, watch it live with Marthe. I think, if we can figure it out, you can even chat with us as it debuts. See y’all then!

Watch it here: https://youtu.be/Un5Yq8SfKMQ

New Bronzong Metal Box Deck!

Many of our favorite decks start the same way this one did. Mix some guys you like together, try to make it fast & consistent, add cards from new sets, change the counts of everything, multiple times…. Sometimes they get so convoluted that we just scrap them. Sometimes balance is achieved and a solid deck is created. Bronzong from Battle Styles really was that spicy ingredient needed to make this one right. In whatever iteration of this deck this version is (5th, at least), Hee-Haw took to the PTCGO and played all afternoon and pretty much beat down everything he faced. Maybe we should figure out how to livestream afternoons like that (how the heck do you do that… dang technology).

Give this one a try. It is legit. Nuff said.

Enjoy. Follow us on all these social things that Marthe keeps straight.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DarkMoonCardsandGames/

Twitter: @DarkMoonCards1

Instagram: @darkmooncards

And check out our business website:


Be not afraid.


Necrozma V Spread Deck Just Posted!

You know, when you try to work time into your schedule to make YouTube videos, but you have a kid in high school and one in college, and one of them has to move out of campus housing at the end of the year, and the other one has a birthday approaching, so you go pack up one and move him home for the summer, and you get the other one her first car for her birthday that just needs a new clutch, but the clutch doesn’t come in until the day before her birthday, and while balancing all of that, you pack up for a card show in South Carolina, while hosting birthday festivities and trying to update prices for all of the cards you are taking to the card show and finally start the four hour drive to the show and about an hour down the road you exclaim, “Crap… I forgot to post the new video”?

That’s why this video went up today, instead of last Thursday.

Just thought I’d share.

Check this one out. I think it’s definitely has competitive potential. Plus, it’s based on Necrozma, and he’s cool. So, now you have to try it.


Be not afraid.


New Wailord V & Kingdra Deck!

Check out our latest deck feature on YouTube. This one may not be the one for Worlds 2022, or 2023, or whenever Play!Pokemon decides to give up on London and bring the event to a place where they might actually allow it to take place….

But it is a fun deck nonetheless. Give it a try and see if you can get Wailord V to hit the lucky 360 or get Kingdra to top 400 damage!

Be not afraid. Later.

Single Strike Tyranitar V Deck!

Think we were gone? We are still here, despite Play!Pokemon cancelling every in-person event for the last year, and on through the remainder of this season. Hey Pokemon! They’ve been holding real tournaments in Japan this whole time… you should look into whatever sorcery they’ve discovered. We have moved most of our content to YouTube, especially regarding decks. If we are ever allowed back into the Fincastle Library, we are anxious to resume our league. Until that time, we are traveling outside of communist Virginia to keep Dark Moon Cards and Games afloat.

Gym Leader Joel, aka Hee-Haw on YouTube, has spent the last week delving into Battle Styles and created some pretty cool decks to try out. Here is the first:

Check out previous deck videos and openings on our channel. Come back here for links as soon as we post them.

Be not afraid. Later.