Congratulations Robbie, v4.0!

the doorAsk Gym Leader Joel what his favorite movie is and without hesitation, he will tell you that it is “The Matrix”.  So it follows, that his favorite movie line is, “…I can only show you the door.  You’re the one that has to walk through it.”  This has special meaning for Joel, not only because it is from an incredible movie, but more so because his father said this same phrase, almost word for word, often to Joel as he grew up in the late 70’s/early 80’s, years before the film.  His father’s point was to teach Joel that while he could guide him and offer advice, Joel had to decide things for himself, taking responsibility for his actions, but also feeling the true sense of accomplishment that only comes when you do something on your own.  It is this same mantra that Joel lives by that was the driving force behind his creation at the Gym, the Gym Leader Challenge. Continue reading

Congratulations Chad and Hunter!

calmThe Fincastle Gym is enjoying the calm in between storms, so to speak.  We are through the hectic tournament season.  Nothing remains buts the National Championships in July, followed by the World Championships in August. Whether any of the Gym Leaders will attend Worlds will depend completely on how they fare at Nats.  Despite not being able to devote much time to the TCG this season, both Georgia and Logan are only a few points away from invitations to Worlds.  Georgia sits 36 points away from an invite. Gym Leader Logan is only 50 points away.  Both players seemed to be in position to wrap up invites at the last States.  Georgia made the top 8 cut despite a group danceof dance-mom dad’s having the top 3 Juniors tables all ID (intentionally draw) their last round, but lost in the 1st round of top cut.  She earned no points because of the attendance numbers at the event.  We still don’t understand the reasoning of how a player can make cut at an event like States and still get no points.  Likewise, Logan’s only loss on the day came from one of our own, which caused him to miss the top cut by tie-breakers. The new point structure unfortunately has made people a little point crazy.  At any rate, until Nats gets a little closer, we can all relax and just enjoy league. Continue reading

2015 Rule Change – Trump Card Banned

sableyeThe Fincastle Gym has seen many “firsts” since we began playing the TCG.  We felt the negative effects of the 1st mid-season rotation in 2011, a move that was made in haste to end Sableye-based “donk” decks that often ended games on the 1st turn of the game.  We say haste, because “donks” continued after that rotation and still do today.  They are part of the game as always will be.  What that rotation did, however, was also eliminate 2 decks that Gym Leader Logan piloted to undefeated runs through 2 State Championships and a Regional Championship (there was only 1 weekend of Regionals at that time, all on the same weekend nationally), just before the National Championships took Continue reading

Dewford Gym League Challenge Sunday – 5/31

Pokemon-ORAS-Dewford-Gym-5The Fincastle Gym Leaders are excited to host the next in our series of League Challenges this Sunday at the Fincastle library.  The Dewford Gym League Challenge (while a little behind schedule) is part of the official 2014-2015 Pokemon League cycle.  We hope to continue to have these a bit more regularly (about every month or month and a half) through the rest of the year.  Following this Sunday’s event,  the Gym will host another League Challenge, currently scheduled for Sunday, June 21.  These small tournaments are great chances to test out ideas as this summer’s National Championships and World Championships approach.  Here are this Sunday’s details. Continue reading

Congratulations Eric, Robbie and Davis

The Fincastle Gym had yet another busy Sunday of challenges this past weekend.  Despite Sunday being a holiday, we had a good turnout at league.  Gym Leader Marthe’s TCG creations were the focus of the trainers on deck.  On the VG front, Eric A continued his assault on the Gym Leader teams.  Before we get into the details, we want to remind everyone about the league challenge this Sunday, 5/31 at the Gym.  We will post details on that directly after this post.   Continue reading

Gym Leader Challenges – Marching On Towards #400

joltikThe Fincastle Gym’s Gym Leader Challenge has become the unique mainstay of our league.  Originally designed as a tool for our younger trainers (which originally made up 100% of our league) to demonstrate quality single-type decks and how to take advantage of weakness, the challenge has evolved into a much wider ranging entity.  We now offer custom badges for anyone who defeats one of us.  We developed a “Final Four” challenge, similar to the “Elite Four” from the video game that presents decks that focus on different styles of decks (Speed, Power, Defense and Skill), with some pretty healthy prizes awaiting anyone who can defeat all 4 in a row.  We also know that for new or younger players, beating any of the decks is difficult, as we strive to make these decks consistent and as strong as the card-base will allow for that type.  Continue reading

5/17 VG Results and Congratulations x2!

yakTo say that the Fincastle Gym was a little busy on Sunday is kinda like saying that a yak is a little fuzzy.  We opened the day early with a VG Premier Challenge that drew in players from as far away as West Virginia and Lexington.  We had 20 video game players in at the tournament, followed by a full house at league.  Over the course of league time, we fielded 6 Gym Leader Challenges, 4 VG and 2 TCG.  Two trainers walked away with badges when it was all said and done.  We’ll get to that in a minute.  Let’s look at the video game results first. Continue reading

VG Premier Tournament Sunday 5/17 at 1 PM!

leedaThe Fincastle Pokemon Gym is hosting a Video Game Premier Tournament on Sunday (May 17th).  Registration will be from 1 – 1:30 PM.  Entry to the tournament is $5.  Play will begin shortly after registration closes and will be a “swiss” tournament (meaning you’re not out if you lose a match).  The number of rounds and top cut will be determined by attendance.  We will hold league at our normal time.  If the tournament is still going on, feel free to find someone to battle.  The Gym Leaders will be available to help you or battle once the VG event is done.  Here are a few reminders of VG rules and pokemon that can/can’t be used. Continue reading

Congratulations Eric, v3.0!

...almost there....

…almost there….

The majority of the larger organized pokemon events are completed for the 2014-15 season, save the last 2…  the National and World Championships (remember that Play!Pokemon seasons basically run from World Championships to World Championships, or August to August).  With most of the season behind us, we hope to be able to get back into a groove at the Gym, meaning having everyone ready for challenges, with VG teams and TCG decks ready, as well as being able to post here a little more often.  We are working on our update for Gym Challenges, but we want to double-check our numbers before we post them.  We’ve still managed to work in a few over the last weeks.  This past Sunday at the Gym, we fielded 1 TCG and 1 VG challenge.  Both were learning experiences, 1 for the challenger and 1 for the leader.
Continue reading

Roaring Skies On Sale Today!

2015 - JRHS Robotics - Build Season (92)The Fincastle Pokemon Gym wrapped up its last weekend of pre-releases on Sunday in Cornelius, NC.  Traditionally, attendance at releases of the spring sets tends to be a bit low, we assume owing to the sheer number of activities people are involved in during the spring season.  Take us for example:  right now we are in the midst of baseball & softball, horseback riding, dance, in addition to running pokemon events and keeping up our Dark Moon Cards store.  To add a little more weight to our Continue reading