What you’ll need to play

Pokemon Theme Deck

Bring a Pokemon starter deck and your card collection to your first meeting.  Starter decks can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Target or similar stores and include a complete 60-card deck of Pokemon Trading Cards. Included in your Starter Deck will be 60 cards, a play mat, instruction book, Pokemon coin and game markers. Most importantly, they include energy cards, which are necessary to play the game.  In order to participate in official League Play, your cards will need to be one of the series listed below:

The Modified format for the 2013-14 season will consist of the following expansions:

Black & White—Next DestiniesBlack & White—Next Destinies

Black & White—Dark ExplorersBlack & White—Dark Explorers

Black & White—Dragons ExaltedBlack & White—Dragons Exalted

Black & White—Boundaries CrossedBlack & White—Boundaries Crossed

Black & White—Plasma StormBlack & White—Plasma Storm

Black & White—Plasma FreezeBlack & White—Plasma Freeze

Black & White—Plasma BlastBlack & White—Plasma Blast

Black & White—Dragon VaultBlack & White—Dragon Vault

Black Star Promo cardsBlack Star Promo Cards BW33 and higher.

Black Star Promo cardsMcDonald’s Collection

*also, any new sets released later this year/season


Read the back of your starter deck carefully – there is a full list of all the cards included. Make sure to pick a deck that includes Pokemon that you like since this will probably be your main deck for a while. (World Championship Decks are not the same as Starter Decks and are not allowed in League Play.)  Do not buy booster packs from dollar stores or flea markets as most of those cards are fakes and also not legal for play.

There is no entry fee or cost to join the league.  Older cards (those not in the series above) will not be used in Gym play, but are great for trading and practicing to make new decks. Exceptions to this rule are cards that have been reprinted in the new series above (like Rare Candy, Double Colorless Energy and Professor Juniper, to name a few.)


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