Pokemon National Championships 2010

Fresh home from the National’s in Indianapolis.  This year’s event was the largest ever, with 1,336 total players for the Trading Card Game National Championships.  There were 210 Juniors (10 and under), 300 Seniors (11-15) and 826 Masters (16 and up).

Gym Leaders Joel & Marthe Honts competed in the Masters Division, and Logan played in the Junior Division.  Masters’ played 9 rounds of Swiss, then cut to a top 128 for the single-elimination rounds.  Juniors played 8 rounds and cut to the top 32.

With a final record of 4-5, Joel tied at 168th place with a group of 45 players.  Three of Joel’s losses came with one prize card left in very close games.  Joel had two matches go to “sudden death” as the 40 minute time limit ran out.  He won one and lost one of these matches.

Logan finished his two-day, eight round tournament with a final record of 5-3.  With the top cut of 32 players, Logan missed the cut by five places.  Logan was in a log-jam of 44 players tied at 5-3.  The decisive match for Logan came in the 3rd round where he fell behind in prizes early in his match.  He turned the match around and was “one-hit” knocking out his opponent’s Pokemon each turn.  However, as time was called, Logan was still behind in the prize count 3-1.

Every match was exciting and the environment was incredible.  After the cuts were made, the Honts family stayed and participated in mini-league play and other side events where they were awarded promotional items ranging from deck sleeves to cards.  Logan earned a “5 Win” pin in league play which was open to all ages.  It was truly a thrill and an education for all of the Fincastle Pokemon Gym Leaders to compete with the best and brightest players from all over the country.

To hear more, join us for our regular League Play, resuming this Sunday, July 4th, at 3:30pm at the library.


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