Darach Season comes to a close, next up, Argenta!

This Sunday, 7/25/10, is the final session of the Darach season. Come down to the Gym and play to earn either an Empoleon FB card or an Underground Expedition supporter card exclusive to league play. During play, one of our Gym leaders may come by your table with random cards that you can pick from (without looking, of course). You never know what you might get. When attendance is 10 players or more, a Pokemon Prime may find its way into the mix. Games played during the last session of each season count for double marks on your league scorecard.

The Argenta season begins Sunday 8/1/10. Because of attendance so far, Pokemon International has increased the Gym’s prize support to include Nintendo DS skins, as well as a new set of prize cards for the Argenta season. The Gym leaders have also added booster packs from Heart Gold/Soul Silver to enhance player prize support. There is no cost to play. Just come by and sign up. Prizes are given out based on participation, not wins and losses. The more you play, the more you get. Fill up your score card and earn a booster pack. You can bring your Nintendo DS on the first Sunday of each month and participate in DS battles for League credits.


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