Gym Leader Joel.

Joel is the catch-all Gym Leader of the Fincastle Pokemon Gym. Joel specializes in creating decks and is always thinking up new possibilities for decks. While most large tournaments see slight variations of the most popular decks over and over again, rogue decks add the elements of surprise and unpredictability. While a rogue deck may not take you to the World Championships, they are much more fun to play, especially when they are your own idea. This is where Joel excels in the TGC.

Joel’s speciality is in fighting/ground types. Ground types are the pokemon that exhibit the most strength and brute force. Ground type pokemon take a firm stance and then come straight at you. It may not take long to see the strategy of many of Joel’s decks. The challenge is that once you see it, being able to withstand it. Joel’s ground decks are capable of huge attacks by pokemon that are difficult to knock out.

Joel also is the Gym Leader over steel and grass pokemon. Steel types are very similar to ground types in many ways. Steel types offer great defensive strategies and many are capable of big damage attacks. Grass types are more like water types in their abilities to play off of each other and create an effective balance of offense and healing abilities.

Joel’s favorite pokemon are Steelix, Ludicolo, Golem and Rhyperior. Joel is available most Sunday’s during league play to challenge for Fighting, Steel, Grass and Darkness gym badges. He is also available to challenge for a fire badge for now. A definite fire Gym Leader will be determined later this year through a fire type tournament.


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