Gym Leader Marthe.

Marthe (yes, that’s the way you spell it – just say it “Martha”) has gravitated toward electric type Pokemon. Electric pokemon are generally fast and attack with precision, occasionally capable of great bursts of energy. Well trained electric pokemon often can direct energy bursts at the pokemon of their choice. While individual electric types are generally not as strong as some other types, they display good team play together, and can quickly organize into effective combinations.

After playing around with electric and steel combinations, Marthe has settled into a more exclusively electric deck. Specifically, her key TCG decks have included Pikachu and Raichu – carrying on the pokemon tradition dating back to Ash’s first cartoon. A key delight in organizing decks around these popular pokemon is finding complimentary supporting pokemon and attacks to push them over the top to victory. Like Ash, Marthe’s tournament play style focuses on learning more and more about pokemon and her TCG skills – hoping to strengthen her decks and skills with each event.

Marthe is available most Sunday’s during League Play to challenge for the Electric gym badge.


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