The Gym continues to grow!

In the past few weeks, participation in the Fincastle Pokemon Gym has increased to over 20 different trainers, as well as several new visitors.  Last Sunday the Gym was visited by a family traveling up from Christiansburg!

What’s new at the Gym?  On August 7th, the Gym Leaders traveled to Winston Salem for a pre-release tournament of the newest TCG set, Undaunted. Gym Leader Logan won the junior division and our youngest trainer, Georgia (5 yrs old), took 4th place.  We all-in-all returned with over 400 cards from the new set.  Those who have attended the Gym in the last two weeks have benefited as well, as they have received free cards from the new set from our supply.  The Undaunted set does not go on sale in retail stores until August 18th.


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