Battle Roads in our area.

The first series of organized play tournament dates have been released. The tournaments, called “Battle Roads”, will take place over the next two months in Virginia and North Carolina. There are two scheduled within reasonable driving distance from the Fincastle area (2 hours or less).
The first tournament is in Winston Salem, North Carolina, on September 25th. It takes place at:

Comfort Suites
200 Capitol Lodging Ct
Winston Salem, NC 27103

The Fincastle Gym Leaders have participated in several tournament in Winston. They are run by Jeff Reynolds, who runs a great tournament. It takes about 2 hours from Fincastle and it is definitely worth the trip. Check out his site for more details at:

The second tournament is in Harrisonburg, VA, on October 9th. It takes place at:

Lost Shade Games and Hobbies
182 Neff Ave
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

We have not been to any events at this location, but we will probably go check this one out. Unfortunately, this is about as close as any Virginia tournaments ever get to this area. Most are located at the Beach or in Fairfax area, which is why we normally travel to NC. This tournament is about 1h 45m – 2 hours away. Visit the Virginia Pokemon site for more details:

All organized play tournaments are in the “Majestic Dawn and newer” format. Anyone interested in attending either tournament can bring their deck to the Fincastle Gym. We will check you decks and help you make any necessary changes. League play is the best way to test you deck for tournament play, so come down the Gym. See you there.


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