Winston Salem Battle Roads

The Fincastle Gym Leaders went on the road to Winston for the first premier tournament of the season, Autumn Battle Roads. We had a great time playing in the field of 54 players. There were 11 juniors, 9 seniors and 34 masters. The juniors played 4 rounds and then cut to a top 2 final. Masters played 6 rounds and cut to a top 4 playoff.
Logan went 3-1, losing his third game in a first turn loss (or a “donk”), before either player got set up. He finished tied for 2nd (3 players were 3-1), but was placed fourth based off of opponents’ records.
Joel went 4-2, losing the first two matches and then won the last four. He finished tied with 5 other players for 6th place.
Marthe went 2-4, finishing 24th in the field. The unfortunate part of the tournament was the final match where Marthe (2-3 at the time) was paired against Joel (3-2 at the time), forcing a battle between Gym Leaders. While we face off all the time at home, we always hope to avoid each other in tournament play. Joel won the match and will comment no further to avoid angering his better half.
Georgia went 1-3, finishing 10th in the juniors. She was the youngest player in the field (5 yrs) and took prize cards in all but one of her matches. She had a great time playing in her first premier tournament.
Jeff Reynolds, the tournament organizer, once again ran a great tournament. Anyone who has the opportunity to attend any event run by Jeff should definitely go. They are always very organized and are a great atmosphere for both beginning and seasoned players.


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