Congratulations Austin!

The first Gym Badge has been won in the Fincastle Pokemon Gym. Trainer Austin challenged Joel’s steel deck in a best two out of three Gym Battle. In match 1, both players set up fairly quickly and went back and forth, knocking out each others pokemon for several turns, with Austin eventually winning by taking all 6 prizes first. In the second match, Joel set up a Steelix in the first few turns and knocked out all of Austin’s pokemon. Tied after 2, the third and deciding match began slowly. After several turns of set-up, Austin took an early lead in prizes. Joel came back to even the prize count at 1 each. Austin knocked out another Steelix on the next turn to take the match. Austin played a well-thought-out match and kept his cool in some very close battles. Congratulations to Austin for winning a Steel Gym Badge!
The Gym Leaders have battled trainers in 23 Gym Battles to date. They are a combined 22-1 with Austin’s win today being the first loss by any Gym Leader. It’s awesome to see our trainers improving each week. Keep up the good work.


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