Congratulations Tyler!

Fincastle Gym Trainer Tyler became the second challenger to win a gym badge. Tyler battled Gym Leader Marthe’s Electric deck in a best 2 out of 3 match that actually began on our Sept. 26 meeting. Tyler and Marthe split wins in the first two matches as her electric deck faced off against it’s most fearsome foe, Donphan Prime. Because of time, their third match was forced to wait until Sunday’s meeting to conclude the challenge. Tyler set up quickly and emerged victorious in the deciding match.

Gym Leader Joel successfully defended both Darkness and Fighting gym challenges on Sunday. That makes the count 26 gym challenges to date, with the Fincastle Gym Leaders record rising to 24 wins and 2 defeats. The trainers at the Gym continue to make vast improvements in their deck builds and strategy, which is very exciting for the Gym Leaders to watch. Great job guys!

Badges earned to date:

Austin – Steel badge
Tyler – Electric badge


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