Fincastle Gym Tournament on November 7th

The Gym will have its first open modified-format tournament on November 7, 2010. By open tournament, we mean deck construction can consist of any cards (Diamond & Pearl and newer) and be any type. Tournament rules still apply (no more than four of any one card except basic energy and Arceus cards). The tournament will be run under the new “Play Pokemon” rules (same as before except matches are now limited to 30 minutes). To ensure we have time to complete the tournament, it will begin at 2:30pm, one hour sooner than normal league time.

We just received approval from Pokemon International as tournament organizers and have been granted their software for managing tournaments. This greatly helps us speed an event like this along and ensures fair match ups as the tournament progresses, so we are very excited about this addition. We will bring blank deck sheets to league days until the 7th so everyone can register the deck that they wish to play. There is no cost to enter.

We have accrued quite a collection of items that will be available as prizes for the tournament. There will be Pokemon Organized Play deck sleeves, a Pokemon deck box, posters, coins, booster packs and zipper pulls among the prizes. Everyone who enters will receive a prize and additional items will go out to the top three. In addition, we will offer some items as door prizes. If attendance allows, we may be able to separate into age divisions (juniors – born 2000 and later, seniors – 1996 to 1999 and masters – 1995 and earlier). And yes, Masters include PARENTS, so if you play at home with the kids, then bring a deck and enter….. did I mention its free?!?!? Believe me from our tournament experiences, the more is definitely the merrier. Anyone who needs help with deck construction should bring all their cards (or as many as possible) to league and we will gladly help you build what will hopefully be a competitive deck.

And don’t worry, as we will be running and officiating the tournament, no Gym Leaders will be in the field, so it is completely up to you guys to see who will come out on top.


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