Congratulations again to Tyler.

Trainer Tyler became the first at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym to earn a second gym badge. Tyler challenged Gym Leader Joel’s Steel deck in a best 2 of 3 match. Tyler took full advantage of the Steel deck’s weakness with his Fire deck, winning the first match in a back and forth battle. Joel won the 2nd match fairly handily. In the 3rd match, Tyler set up quickly and took an early lead, which he was able to maintain and eventually take all six prizes. Tyler continues to be one of the Gym’s strongest trainers. Not only has he improved his deck builds, but he plays well-thought-out battles that demonstrate a good knowledge of the game. Great job!

After yesterday’s victory by Tyler, the Fincastle Gym Leaders are now 27-3 in challenges.

Badges earned to date:

Tyler – Electric, Steel
Austin – Steel


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