Ring Drop Season over, it’s tourney time!

The Ring Drop Season is officially over at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym. This Sunday, November 7th, will be the Gym’s first open tournament. The format for the tournament is Diamond and Pearl and newer. The Gym will adopt the Modified Format (Majestic Dawn and newer) beginning January 1, 2011. We have stayed with D & P because the majority of the Gym members have cards that are mostly from the Diamond & Pearl sets. If you plan to play, be at the Fincastle Library at 2:30pm. Once we enter everyone who is there at 2:30pm into the tournament program and give their decks a quick check, we will begin. If you arrive after play begins, you may still play in the tournament, but it will be with a first round loss.
Any league member that participates in the tournament has the option of counting games played in the tournament on last season’s card or on the new season. The new season is called “Hurdle Dash” and offers Crobat from Unleashed and Expert Belt from Arceus. So, if you were close to earning the Ring Drop patch on your last card, you still can. If not, start earning your marks and stocking up on the Expert Belts for your decks and working towards the new patch.

If you have not played at the Gym before and have an Organized Play ID, bring it with you.  If you don’t have an ID, we will supply you with one before the tournament begins.

Any questions, contact us via email : fincastlepokemon@gmail.com

Direction to the library are on this site under the heading.


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