Congratulations Tournament Winners!

Thanks to everyone who came out Sunday for the tournament.  We had a great turnout, with 22 players total.  There were 13 Juniors, 3 Seniors and 6 Masters.  The Juniors played 4 rounds while the Seniors and Masters combined and played 3 rounds.  We had several great battles between members of the Gym, as well as several new trainers, who picked the game up quickly and offered great challenges to the other players.  The biggest surprise of the day was our youngest trainer, Georgia (5 yrs old), going 4-0 and winning the Junior division.

Junior Division:

1st Place – Georgia H.

2nd Place – Ian D.

3rd Place – Tyler D.


Senior Division:

1st Place – Austin W.

2nd Place – Jamie H.

3rd Place – Rebecca H.


Master Division:

1st Place – Jay M.

2nd Place – Brittany C.

3rd Place – Jim H.


Congratulations to everyone.  Hope to see everyone at our regular time for league play this Sunday at 3:30pm.  Just a reminder to any new players, bring your card collections with you.  During regular league play we have much more time to help you  build a deck with you favorite cards.  See you there!


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