City Championships in our area.

The Play Pokemon City Championships are right around the corner.  For those not familiar, the Cities are the 2nd round of Premier Events leading up to the Nationals and Worlds that take place next summer.  They are competitive tournaments and are open to all ages and are free to enter.  The only limitations are that players must arrive with 60 card decks that are Modified Format (Majestic Dawn and newer) and that players must know how to play on their own.  Decks that are sleeved must be sleeved in matching sleeves, but sleeves are not required.  They also require deck lists when registering which can be filled out ahead of time or on location.  Here’s what’s coming up:


Saturday, December 4th @ 10:00am – Harrisonburg, VA – Lost Shade Games and Hobbies

Sunday, December 5th @ 10:00am – Charolettesville, VA – The Place

North Carolina:

Saturday, December 11th @ 9:00am – Winston Salem, NC – Comfort Suites

Saturday, December 18th @ 10:00am – Greensboro, NC – Comfort Suites

For more info on the Virginia tournaments, including more tournaments in Norther Virginia and east of Richmond, go to Virginia Pokemon’s site:

For the North Carolina tournaments, go to North Carolina pokemon:

The Fincastle Gym would love to make a strong showing at any of these tournaments, especially the two Virginia tourneys.  Anyone interested in going,  come to the Gym and will we be glad to try and coordinate a trip and help prepare your decks.  See you at the Gym.



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