Congratulations Chris!

Another Gym Badge was earned at the Fincastle Gym on Sunday.  Chris L. challenged the Electric Gym Leader Marthe to a best 2 out of 3 battle for the Electric badge.  Chris won in straight games, both of which were back and forth battles that we hard fought.  Chris is a great example of how everyone at the Gym is getting better by the week and improving their strategy and their deck builds.  The Gym Leaders definitely have had their hands full in the last several weeks of challenges.  Marthe had a busy day as well, as she successfully defended a challenge for the Psychic Gym Badge.

The Gym Leaders have now accepted 34 challenges for badges and are now 30-4 in those challenges.  We welcome all challenges and hope that even when challengers are unsuccessful, they take the opportunity to see how our decks work and use our ideas to make their own decks better.  While we never like to lose, we love to see trainers at the Gym improve and can’t help but be proud of those that take us down.  Great job everyone!

Badges earned to date:

Austin W – Steel

Tyler D – Electric & Steel

Chris L – Electric


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