Congratulations James!

Another Fincastle Gym Leader was challenged and defeated on Sunday.  James H. challenged the Psychic Gym Leader, Marthe.  In a best 2 of 3 gym battle, James and Marthe split the first 2 matches.  In the 3rd and deciding match, James eventually took down Marthe and earned the psychic gym badge.  Great job James!  The Fincastle Gym is now 30-5 in challenges.

Just as a reminder and for those that are not familiar with the process, here’s how you earn a challenge.  Each match in league play earns you a mark on your season card.  A match is a 6 prize card game, not to exceed 45 minutes.  We do allow some 4 prize card matches between younger and new players that are still learning how to play.  Whenever a trainer fills 2 lines on the card, they may sign up for a gym challenge.  We go down the list in order and if the trainer is not present or not ready to play, we go on to the next person on the list.  If your name is passed over, you remain in place on the list and can challenge a Gym Leader at a later date.  If there are only 2 leaders there, then only one challenge may occur at a time.  If there is only one leader present, we may not be able to conduct the challenge that day, depending on attendance.

Badges earned:

Austin W – Steel

Tyler D – Electric & Steel

Chris L – Electric

James H – Psychic


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