A few notes for upcoming City Championships

The Pokemon TCG City Championships begin this weekend and continue in various locations in our area (VA and NC) through January 2011.  Here are just a few suggestions for anyone planning to travel to their first event so that you’re not caught off guard by what is required to play.

– Take a legal, 60 card deck (Majestic Dawn and newer sets), you won’t have time to build a deck after you arrive and large tournaments will not wait on you.

-Sleeves are not required, but are recommended.

-Sleeves, if used, must be all the same type/color and all cards in the deck must be sleeved.

-Card sleeves with printing are not allowed, except for Pokemon Organized Play  sleeves (like the ones won at our tournament).

-Each player must bring their own damage counters and randomizer (coin or dice)

-Players are required to fill out a deck list.  We recommend doing this prior to arriving at the tournament.  This double-checks the legality of your deck and  helps the tournament registration go quicker, which means that you begin playing sooner.  There are several deck list programs available.  We use the one found on this site:  http://www.pokegym.net. Go to this site and click the “Tournament Decklists” purple tab at the top of the page.  The program is self-explanatory.

-Be prepared to spend the day.  Most tournaments go a least 3 or 4 rounds, some as many as 6 or 7 depending on attendance.

-During games, take your time and think before you play.  You are not allowed to change plays after you make them.  If you don’t understand what your opponent is doing, ask them to explain.  If you still don’t, then raise your hand and ask for a judge.  Don’t argue with an opponent, that’ s why the judges are there.

-And most importantly…… HAVE FUN.  Be respectful to everyone you play, win or lose, and have fun doing it.  You may win the tournament, you may not win a game.  If you get wiped out, learn from how and what your opponent played.  We’ve met some great people at tournaments and that always one of my favorite parts of playing.

Good luck to anyone playing.  League play continues every Sunday at the Fincastle Gym.  See you there.


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