Fincastle Gym member Georgia is a City Champion!

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym had a great turnout and even better results as several of its members traveled to City Championships in both Harrisonburg and Charolettesville this past weekend.

On Saturday in Harrisonburg, the Gym’s Water Gym Leader, Logan, took 2nd place in the Junior Division.   The Juniors played 3 rounds and Logan lost once.  Logan was awarded 10 booster packs for his efforts.  For several of the Gym’s trainers, this was their first larger scale competitive tournament.  It was “eye-opening” for them as to the speed and strategy of the competitive game and hopefully gave them some benchmarks for ways to improve their own decks.  Gym Leaders Marthe and Joel stayed in the middle of the pack in a large groups of masters, going 3-2 and 2-3 respectively.

On Sunday, Gym members traveled again to Charolettesville for another shot at the field.  This time the Juniors played 4 rounds against both Juniors and Seniors and the Masters played 5 rounds, with a top cut playoff of 4 players.  The 1st round draw in the Junior Division matched up Gym Leader Logan and his younger sister, Georgia.  They squared off with water deck against water deck.  This match, as it turned out, was the deciding match of the tournament.  Georgia set up quickly and eventually defeated Logan (a feat rarely accomplished at home or in league).  A last round loss by Georgia left her tied with Logan.  In the Play Pokemon format, ties are first broken by opponent’s record and then next by opponent’s opponents’ records.  After reviewing these two, Georgia and Logan were still tied.  The third tie-breaker is head-to-head match-up, which went to Georgia.  The kindergartener’s performance shocked tournament organizers, players and parents alike.  Georgia brought home a City Championship Medal and 18 booster packs, as well as a Play Pokemon hat.  Logan’s consecutive 2nd place performance earned him another 10 booster packs.  The brother and sister duo are very proud of their results and the fact that they earned nearly 400 cards in two days, strengthening the Gym’s supply of binder giveaway cards for months to come.

Gym Leader Joel went 3-2, finishing in a 5-way tie for 6th place in the Master’s division, which fielded 20 players.  While a slow start in the opening match against a internet copied Gyarados deck cost him a shot at the top cut, he was very pleased with his first competitive attempt with his Arceus deck.  He also narrowly defeated what was one of the most inventive and original decks that he has ever played.

Come by the Gym at our regular time to hear more and have some fun challenging our Gym Leaders and Trainers and pick up some cool new cards along the way.  See you there!


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