Hurdle Dash season ends this Sunday (12/11)

The last day of the Hurdle Dash season at the Fincastle Gym is this Sunday.  On the last day of this (and any other) season, each game played earns double marks on the season score card.  This hopefully will give anyone who is close to filling up their card and earning a patch a good chance to make it.  Challenging any of the Gym Leaders will earn 6 marks (normally earns 3).  Even if you don’t fill the card, you can still earn extra league promo cards.  We also will have some homemade Christmas candy this Sunday to take home and share with your family (if you don’t eat it in the car on way home).

We are slowly stockpiling some cool prizes and will hopefully be able to run another tournament in either late January or the first part of February of 2011.  We also plan to hold the Fire Gym Leader Challenge on one of the first weekends in January…. we will post a date soon for that.  Those who wish to enter the Challenge must have a deck that is over 50% fire pokemon and uses fire energy (plus any of the special energy cards if you wish).  Those trying to make fire decks be sure to bring them by and we’ll gladly help you work on it.

Other notes:

-There will be no league meeting on Sunday, December 26.

-The Psychic Gym Leader deck is under construction, so it will be unavailable this Sunday.  If you have earned a challenge and want to challenge it, it will be ready to go on the 19th’s meeting.


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