Congratulations Austin….. again!

A very busy Hurdle Dash season came to a close in style this Sunday.  This season saw the Fincastle Gym host its first tournament.  This season also spanned multiple City Championships, in which Fincastle Gym members were very successful.  Gym Leader Logan finished 2nd in three different City Championships (Harrisonburg, Charolettesville and Winston Salem) while Trainer Georgia won the Charolettesville tournament and brought home an additional 3rd place from Winston Salem.  The siblings won 520 cards during the tournaments, as well as some cool door prizes, most of which will return to the Gym as rewards for league participation and future tournament prizes.

Sunday at the Gym in the last Gym Challenge of the season,  Trainer Austin W. defeated Gym Leader Joel’s grass deck to earn the league’s first Grass gym badge.  In this first match, as the Wormadam/Mothim deck often does, Joel set up quickly and defeated Austin in a few turns.  In the 2nd match, Joel had Austin on the edge of defeat, needing 1 energy card to end the match.  Taking 3 turns to get one gave Austin enough time to rebound and win match 2.  In the 3rd match, both players were basically fully setup, and to face facts, a set up Mothim/Wormadam team is no match for Charizard/Infernape.  Austin won the third match handily to earn the badge.

Gym Leaders Joel and Logan successfully defended Dark and Water gym challenges on Sunday.  Of the 38 challenges to date, the Fincastle Gym Leaders are now 32-6.  Hopefully those that have tried and been defeated have learned from the challenges.  The Gym Leaders enjoy the difficulty that comes in battling our decks’ weakness, as has been the case in most challenges to date.  Gym Leader Joel will finally be dismantling the Wormadam deck and building a new deck to challenge for next Sunday.  Wormadam retires being 6-1 in challenges.

Badges Earned to Date:

-Austin W – Steel, Grass

-Tyler D – Electric, Steel

Chris L – Electric

James H – Psychic


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