Snow Throw Season Begins This Sunday.

The 3rd season of the league cycle begins Sunday at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym.  The new season brings a new patch  and two new league promo cards to the Gym.  The new cards are Delibird from HGSS and Azelf from Legends Awakened.  We will have regular league play this Sunday, December 19th.  If weather becomes a factor, we will post any cancellation on this site and send out an email to all those on our list.  We will not have league play on December 26th, but will resume regular play on the following Sunday, January 3rd.

As a side note, the Roanoke County Library hosts its monthly pokemon trading meeting at the 419 HQ branch on December 16th at 4:00pm.  It is purely for trading and is a good place to track down a card that you need.  Just be mindful of the many fakes in circulation (and lots of kids at these sessions have them).  If the card doesn’t look exactly right (text printed in style/font that differs from your other cards or faded coloring on picture and card backing), then it is probably fake.  The best approach is that if you’re not sure about a card, then don’t trade.  That being said, it is a good place to meet other pokemon fans and add to your collection.  We will try to keep an eye on future dates at the Roanoke libraries and post them here also.


***Tips for avoiding purchasing fakes ***  Roanoke area dollar stores and flea markets (like Happy’s) sell lots of fakes.  Packaging usually looks a little “off” and sometimes look like too good of a deal.  Pricing for valid booster packs usually range from $2.99 – $4.99 per pack, depending on where you buy them.  If you see a pack for $1, chances are it is fake.  Real packs come with 10 cards and have 1 reverse-holo (shiny) card and 1 rare (star in bottom right corner).  Fake packs usually have multiple “rares”.  The best advice is to stick to department stores and card/gaming shops.


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