Pokemon Professor

Congratulations, Gym Leader, Marthe, Fincastle Gym’s first Pokemon Professor!  As a Pokemon Professor, Marthe passed a 45-question exam which tested her knowledge of game mechanics, card rulings, and the Play! Pokémon guidelines.  Marthe is now eligable to act as an official Judge at Play! Pokemon sanctioned tournaments and events.  As a Professor, Marthe adheres to the Pokemon Professor Core Values:

A Professor must act with integrity at all times. A Professor should be fair and unbiased, whether judging a tournament or resolving a dispute.

A Professor must be an honest individual. It is critical to the integrity of the Professor Program that its members have a reputation as trustworthy and honest.

Professors are trusted with a great deal of responsibility.

To maintain a higher degree of respect, Professors should act professionally when acting in an official capacity.

Congratulations to Marthe, and we look forward to a great new year at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym.


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