Sunday was a day of Challenges at the Gym

With a full staff of Gym Leaders at the Gym this Sunday, we were able to conduct  5 challenges before the day was done and get caught up on challenges due.  Despite some very tough challenges from our trainers, the Gym Leaders were able to escape with our badges attached.  Gym Leader Marthe successfully defended challenges to the Psychic and Electric decks, as did Gym Leader Joel with the Fighting and Grass Decks.  Gym Leader Logan successfully defended the Water deck.  That brings the total for Challenges to 43 to date.  The Gym Leaders are now a combined 37-6.  As a side note, the Water, Fighting and Dark Gym decks are still undefeated.  Who will win the next challenge the Gym?  We will have wait until 2011 to find out.  There will be no league play next Sunday 12/26.  We will resume play on 1/2/11, the Sunday after.  Merry Christmas!

Badges Earned to Date:

-Austin W – Steel, Grass

-Tyler D – Electric, Steel

Chris L – Electric

James H – Psychic


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