Mark your calendars!

Here’s a few new dates to add to your Pokemon calendar:

Sunday, January 2 – start of the Snow Throw season and a DS play day.  Bring your DS and Pokemon game disk and link up with other trainers to battle.  (No actual snow throwing will be allowed!)

Sunday, January 9 – regular League play, come on in and challenge your fellow trainers.

Sunday, January 16 – no League this week – Gym Leaders will be in the sunny Caribbean – but look through your deck and challenge your siblings or parents in preparation for the tournament.

Sunday, January 23 – League starts at 1:30 this week for an open tournament.  Decks can only contain Diamond & Pearl – Majestic Dawn and newer cards.  We’ll be handing out flyers and deck list sheets the next two weeks to remind you and help you modify your decks.  Prizes will include new Play Pokemon gear Pokemon cards and other cool stuff.


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