Fincastle Pokemon League Tournament – Sunday, January 23

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym will be hosting our second League Tournament on Sunday, January 23rd.  Registration sign-ins will begin at 1:30, and we hope to start the tournament around 2 or 2:15.  We expect to play until around 6 PM, so please squeeze in a little extra time around your dinner.  There will be great prizes for the winners of each age group, and fun door prizes that everyone is eligible for.

Quick pointers for having a great tournament:

  • Players are required to fill out a deck list.  We’ll have paper decklists available at the League on 1/9, and on the 23rd.  If possible, though, we recommend doing this prior to arriving at the tournament.  This double-checks the legality of your deck and  helps the tournament registration go quicker, which means that you begin playing sooner.  There are several deck list programs available.  We use the one found on this site: Go to this site and click the “Tournament Decklists” purple tab at the top of the page.  The program is self-explanatory.
  • After you make your deck list, be sure you deck cards are in the same order.  This speeds up our double-check.  Then you can do a couple of shuffles to get everything mixed back up.
  • Be prepared to spend the afternoon.  Based on our attendance at the first tournament, juniors (aged 10 and under) can expect to play 4 rounds of 30 minutes each.
  • During games, take your time and think before you play.  You are not allowed to change plays after you make them.  If you don’t understand what your opponent is doing, ask them to explain.  If you still don’t, then raise your hand and ask for a judge.  Don’t argue with an opponent, that’ s why the judges are there.
  • And most importantly…… HAVE FUN.  Be respectful to everyone you play, win or lose, and have fun doing it.  You may win the tournament, you may not win a game. 

Good luck to everyone.  See you there.


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