Deck Build scheduled for Saturday, 1/22/11

To help those preparing for the Fincastle Pokemon Gym tournament on 1/23, the Gym leaders have reserved the library meeting room from 2-4pm on Saturday 1/22.  Saturday’s meeting is for deck building and for any trading necessary to help trainers refine their decks.  Anyone wishing to attend should bring as many of their cards as possible.  Our goal in having this “build” day is to have everyone who enters the tournament on Sunday arrive ready to play.  This will help the tournament start sooner, run smoother and end sooner.  Anyone new to the game is welcome to come by on Saturday as well.  All players on Saturday are welcome to “play-test” their decks after its built against anyone else present, however, Saturday games will not count for league play.

We recommend that if you are a new player, bring a starter deck.  That gives you a good place to start.  We also suggest that if you are buying your first starter deck, to get one from either the Triumphant or Undaunted sets.  These come with a free booster pack and generally are a little stronger than starter decks from previous sets.  Also, it provides you with cards that will not be rotated out of tournament formats for several years.  We will help new players on Saturday try learn the basics (as time allows).  Those who do not know how to play and do not have a legal, 60 card deck will not be allowed to play in the tournament on Sunday.  If you miss this one don’t worry, there will plenty of opportunities for tournament play later this year.  There is a very strong possibility that we may bring the first Play! Pokemon Premier event in years to Roanoke in May/June.

As a reminder, there is no league play on this Sunday 1/16.  No Gym Leaders will be participating in the tournament on 1/23, so come by Saturday and strengthen your deck and give it your all on Sunday.  You may surprise yourself.  Also, you may get a sneak peek at the tournament prizes on Saturday.   See you there!


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