Congratulations Tournament Winners!

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym’s second open tournament had a great turnout again and some very exciting matches before its conclusion.  Several of the deciding matches went into the +3 turns and were down to 1 prize each.  Players that missed placing missed doing so by the narrowest of margins.

We had 24 players total enter the tournament.  There were 12 Juniors, 6 Seniors and 6 Masters.  Juniors played 4 rounds while the Seniors and Masters played 3 rounds.  1st place winners had their choice of a Pokemon play mat +2 booster packs, a Dialga/Palkia promo box +2 booster packs and a Pokemon hat, league poster +2 booster packs.  2nd place winners received a HGSS Trainer Kit +1 booster pack.  3rd place winners received a Pokeball beach ball +1 booster pack.  Everyone present received a pencil and a sticker sheet and won a door prize.  Door prizes ranged from deck boxes to dice bags to a WCC deck.  Thanks to all who participated.  Stay tuned for upcoming events at the Gym.


Junior Division:

1st Place – Tyler D.

2nd Place – Tessa Y.

3rd Place – Anthony E.

Seniors Division:

1st Place – Brycen F.

2nd Place – Caleb Y.

3rd Place – Austin W.

Master Division:

1st Place – James H.

2nd Place – Jay M.

3rd Place – Jim H.


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