Block Smash season begins at the Gym

The new season at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym begins Sunday.  As usual, we are able to start before the season officially begins.  This gives our trainers an extra week during the season to work on filling up their scorecards, earn promo cards and try to earn the season patch.  This season brings two new promo cards:

-Steelix (Unleashed)

-Metal Energy (Special energy card)

The Gym still has a good supply of “binder-pull” cards.  For those unfamiliar, the binder cards are sets of 3 Basics and 2 Stage 1 cards of one character evolution line.  Hopefully these will match up with a card from your own collection a provide a playable set for a potential deck.  There also are sets of SP cards and collections of “set-up” characters.  Many of the sets are from the newest set, “Call of Legends” that just went on sale.  All you have to do to earn these cards is to come join us.  You get a pull from the binder regardless of how many games you play!

Come by Sunday and learn about Team Battles, check out the new cards and have a great time playing Pokemon!


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