Upcoming Dates, Team Battles and Rankings

Today’s post is a catch-all with a little bit of everything.  First, the Gym has a few dates that are reminders for upcoming events and two new dates. 

State Championships:

North Carolina – March 12th in Cornelius, NC (north of Charlotte)

Virginia – March 19th in Richmond, VA

Come by the league for more details or look in the “Event Finder” on Pokemon.com.

For those looking for those hard to find cards, there is another trading meeting at the HQ Roanoke County Library on 419 on February 17th at 4pm.  There are lots of kids with trades at this location.  If you go, just keep in mind that there are a lot of fakes in circulation and remember that if it looks funny or you are not sure….. do not trade.  They also host meetings at the Hollins and Glenvar branches, but from our understanding, the best turnout is at the 419 branch.

For all those who aspire to be the Fincastle Pokemon Gym’s Fire Gym Leader, we plan to host the challenge on Sunday, March 20th at our regular meeting time.  The Gym will post more info about the challenge and prizes available soon.

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym introduced Team Battles last Sunday.  Team Battling will be available each Sunday to anyone who wishes to try it out.  If everyone enjoys the team format, the Gym may consider a future Team Battle tournament.  Give us your feedback at the upcoming meetings.

Rankings for those who have participated in Premier events (Battle Roads and City Championships) were released recently by Play! Pokemon.  Gym Leader Logan is ranked 3rd in Virginia in the Junior Division.  Gym Leader Joel is ranked 20th in Virginia in the Master Division.  Congratulations to those who have defeated a Gym Leader and to those at the Gym who give us tough battles in our challenges.  Taking on a Gym Leader is no easy task.  Many trainers at the Gym have come very close to earning a Gym badge which definitely speaks to the vast improvement everyone has made in their decks and strategies.  Keep up the good work, keep having fun and we’ll see you at the Gym.


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