Trading at the Fincastle Gym

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym began as an instructional league for the trading card game.  Since the beginning, the Gym has seen vast improvement in the play of its trainers and has seen some incredible battles in league play, tournaments and Gym Leader challenges.  Battling is the core of the Gym and the Gym Leaders wish to keep that the focus of our weekly meetings.

The Gym Leaders also recognize that trading between players is the best way to get the cards you need for your decks and collections.  However, trading often becomes disruptive during league play to those who are playing to get marks on their cards and earn promo cards, the season patch and a free booster pack.  With all of this in mind, the Gym Leaders have come up with the following guidelines for trading at the Gym.

No trading will be allowed during league play until the last 30 minutes (from 5:00pm-5:30pm). We will have a table set aside near the check-in table where trainers wishing to trade may sit down and trade.  As before, we still ask that all trades are shown to one of the Gym Leaders for approval.  Those not interested in trading will still have multiple tables to play on without any interruption from those who are trading.  If you are looking for a particular card when you come to the Gym, we encourage you to post it on the bulletin board when you arrive.  Check the board for any potential trades and find that trainer during the trading period.

Check back soon for details on the Fire Gym Leader tournament coming in March.  See you at the Gym!


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