Fire Gym Leader Tournament – March 20th

The only unclaimed Gym Leader position will soon be filled at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym.  On March 20th, the tournament to determine the official Fire Gym Leader will begin.  To this point, Gym Leaders Logan and Joel have successfully defended 4 challenges for the fire badge as “temporary” Leaders.  As Gym Leader Joel already handles 4 types and Gym Leader Marthe handles 2,  they will not enter the challenge.  The winner will represent the Fincastle Gym and will be responsible for taking on weekly challenges for the fire badge.

The tournament format will be different than the previous open tournaments.  The standard format (single 30 minute match) unfortunately is prone to someone getting a bad start/bad hand and never recovering.  The Fincastle Gym wants the winner of the tournament to be the trainer with the best deck and most consistent strategy.  The challenge will be a double elimination, round-robin style tournament.  Each round will be the best 2 of 3, with each battle being limited to 30 minutes.  We anticipate the challenge lasting over at least two league meetings, depending on the number of trainers entering.  It will continue during regular hours (3:00-5:30pm) until one trainer remains and is crowned the new Fire Gym Leader.  There are no age divisions in the challenge.  Juniors, Seniors and Masters alike will battle it out.

There will be a sign-up list for those planning to enter at the weekly meetings leading up to the tournament.  If you plan to enter, you must sign up prior to the meeting on March 20th, so that we can prepare the pairings for the tournament.  If you can’t attend a meeting prior to the 20th, you may sign up via our email –  Prize info and deck restrictions will be posted at the Gym and will also be posted here later this week.

For those who do not wish to enter the tournament, league play will continue as usual and there will be plenty of tables available for battles.  See you at the Gym!


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