More Fire Gym Leader Tournament Details

Here’s a rough copy of the flier that will be posted on the Gym bulletin board.  The format didn’t copy very well onto the blog, so we hope you can follow it okay.  As always, if you have any questions, ask us at the league or if you can’t come, email questions to

Fincastle Pokemon Gym Fire Gym Leader Tournament

-Trainers must sign up by March 19th either at the Gym or by league email.

-Trainers entering, while not required to be at every league meeting, must be regular attendees and available most weeks for Gym Leader Challenges.

-Trainers must submit a deck list which may not be changed once the tournament begins.

-Fire decks must fit the following guidelines:
1 – 50% or more of pokemon must be fire type pokemon (this allows various “set up” and support pokemon).  No water pokemon are allowed in your deck (this is the Fire Type Gym Leader Tournament after all).
2 – All basic energy must be fire energy – you may add any special energies you choose (i.e.: Call, Warp, Cyclone, Double Colorless, Rainbow, etc.)
3 – You may use all trainers/pokemon/special energies from the Majestic Dawn and newer format (you may obtain a list of sets at the league).
4 – Pokemon that evolve into fire types will count as fire types (i.e. Evee/Flareon, Houndour/Houndoom’s fire type— Dark Houdoom will not count).

-The winning trainer will take on Gym Leader Challenges for the fire badge during league play and the deck may not be changed without approval of the Gym.


-The new Fire Gym Leader will receive a set of rare foil basic fire energies from Pokemon Organized Play.

-The Winner will also receive a deck box and sleeves.

-The new Gym Leader will also receive card support from the Gym (cards that may further strengthen the winning deck – Rare Candy, Pokemon Collector, etc).

-The new Gym Leader will receive a booster pack for each successful defense of Fire Gym Leader challenges during regular league play.

-The tournament runner-up will receive 3 booster packs and 3rd place will receive 2 booster packs.


That’s what we have planned for the challenge.  We hope that anyone interested will enter.  As this will fill the final vacant Gym Leader position, this will likely be the last tournament like this that you’ll see at the Gym.  It may be over in two Sundays, it may go on for several meetings.  There are no tie breakers.  This will be determined by the last trainer standing.  It should be interesting and very exciting.  See you at the Gym.


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