Congratulations Tessa!

Today at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym, Gym Leaders fielded 4 challenges for badges.  Gym Leader Joel successfully defended 2 challenges for the fighting type badge.  Gym Leader Marthe also defended a challenge for the electric type badge.  Gym Leader Logan, in the role of “temporary fire type leader” took a challenge from Tessa Y.  Tessa brought a fire type’s worst nightmare, a pod of Wailords.  After 2 back-and-forth matches with Logan, Tessa became the first at the Gym to earn the fire badge.  Congratulations to Tessa for earning her first badge and building a great deck with a solid strategy!  Tessa is now the 5th different trainer to defeat a Gym Leader.  The improvement of all of our trainers was obvious in all of the challenges today, which is very exciting for the Gym Leaders to see.

Gym Leaders are now 51-8 in challenges (after a recalculation of matches played- unfortunately Gym Leader Joel’s math hasn’t been perfect – the total is now correct thanks to the math wizards in the family).

Badges Earned to Date:

-Austin W – Steel, Grass

-Tyler D – Electric, Steel, Grass

-Chris L – Electric

-James H – Psychic

-Tessa Y – Fire


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