Sunday 3/6 is a DS day, 2 weeks remain in Block Smash

Its been a quiet month in the Trading Card Game in terms of news, but all that is about to change.  This months starts a series of events that lead all the way to the World Championships in San Diego, CA (August), including the release of never-seen-before characters in the Black & White release (in April?) and hopefully the first Premier Event in Roanoke in years.

Don’t forget, tomorrow  is the first meeting in March at the Gym, which makes it a DS day.  If you have a Nintendo DS and any of the DS versions of the Pokemon video game (Platinum, HGSS), bring it and earn league credit battling with other trainers.  Pokemon Black & White goes on sale tomorrow, so if you’re lucky enough to get you hands on the newest video game in the series, bring it by and show it off.  We’re sure you’ll have many interested spectators at the Gym.

There are only two weeks left in the Block Smash season.  If you are close to filling up your card, keep getting in matches in the trading card game so that you can earn your season patch and a booster back from Triumphant.  Next Sunday (3/13) will close out the season and every game played on that date will earn you double marks on your card. 

Also, don’t forget that the State Championships (3/19) and the Fire Gym Leader tournament (3/20) are in three weeks, so those aspiring to enter either event have only two more weeks of league play to refine your decks and strategies.  The Fincastle Gym is geared up for what should be a very exciting conclusion of this year’s season and tournament cycle.

See you at the Gym.


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