Sunday 3/13 games earn double marks

This Sunday at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym is the final day of the Block Smash season.  The last Sunday of each season earns double marks on your league card for each game played.  This is a great opportunity for those close to filling their cards to complete them.  In addition to the league promo cards available, completing your card earns you a season patch and a booster pack.  Everyone who plays at least one game also gets a free pull from our league binder.  Binder slots contain collections of 3 basic pokemon and 2 evolutions, starter and support pokemon, trainer/supporter mixes, SP pokemon assortments or 2 sets of 4 basic pokemon.  Hopefully these pulls will help complete sets needed to fill out your decks or help you start a new one.  There are even a few sets in the binder that contain full evolution sets of some powerful stage 2 pokemon.

The best part is…. its free!  Come by and play and earns some great prizes.  See you at the Gym!


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