Sign up by Friday 3/18 for Fire Tournament!

Don’t forget, anyone wishing to enter the Fire Gym Leader Tournament must sign up by this Friday at Midnight.  The Fincastle Pokemon Gym will prepare pairings in advance of Sunday’s tournament so once everyone arrives and get their deck checked, we can begin.  If you haven’t signed up yet and wish to enter, email the Gym at  If you want to make sure your deck is legal for the tournament, check out the “More Fire Gym Leader Tournament Details” post under the category Pokemon Organized Play Events.

This past Sunday the Gym Leaders took on 6 challenges for badges.  These challenges led to some great matches.  Brittany C. opened with a win over the water leader, Logan, in a best 2 0f 3 challenge.  However, Logan took the next 2 for the defense of the water badge.  Ethan W. took on the grass leader, Joel, and gave him what was one of the toughest battles he’s faced yet.  Ethan lost the 1st game, won the 2nd and then took the grass Gym Leader to the time limit and the “plus 3” turns with only 1 prize card left.  Ethan couldn’t knock out the Meganium “tank” and the Gym Leader took the match.  Ethan and Brittany are both examples of some very sharp trainers with some well built decks at the Gym.

On the day, the Gym Leaders went 6-0 in defenses of badges.  That takes the total number of challenges to 66.  The Gym Leaders are now 58-8 in gym challenges.  Great job everyone, keep up the great play!

Badges Earned to Date:

-Austin W – Steel, Grass

-Tyler D – Electric, Steel, Grass

-Chris L – Electric

-James H – Psychic

-Tessa Y – Fire


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