Fire Gym Leader Tournament Underway

Despite a sudden change of venues last Sunday, the Fincastle Pokemon Gym still completed 2 rounds of the Fire Leader Tournament.  Thanks to a double booking of the library room for us and a hunter education class (what do you hunt in March anyway….possum?), we had to relocate across the lot at the church’s community center.  We’ve double checked with the library and had them double check their double check…. we will be back in the library as usual on 3/27.

The field of 8 challengers had some tightly contested matches in the opening 2 rounds.  There were no easy match-ups, as all entrants had some well organized and varied fire decks.  2 challengers, despite some close matches that were down to 1 prize card, were eliminated.  Every round from this point on will be an elimination round for someone.  If all goes well this Sunday, we should be able to complete at least 2 more rounds, which should leave only 2 challengers standing to battle it out on the next Sunday.

Standings After 2 Rounds:

Logan H – 2-0

Tyler D – 2-0

Austin W – 1-1

James H – 1-1

Jay M – 1-1

Rebecca H – 1-1

x- Jim H – 0-2

x- Scott W – 0-2

x = eliminated

Regular league play continues as usual, the exception being the Gym Leaders are unavailable for challenges until the Fire Tournament is completed.  Everyone keep battling and keep bringing new players!  The number of new players over the last month has been very exciting for the Gym.  As for the league “veterans”, keep perfecting those decks and strategies.  Keep in mind that a Battle Roads tournament is still in the works for May/June here in Roanoke, which will be a great opportunity for those who have not, to attend a Premier event.  We will share the details as soon as they are locked down (once the VA organizer has a chance to recover from the State Championships).  See you at the Gym!


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