Rankings are in, Gym Leader Logan #1 in VA!

With all of the State Championships now complete, Play!Pokemon has released rankings for the state, national and world levels.  Thanks to successful showings in both the North Carolina and Virginia States, the Fincastle Pokemon Gym has two of its leaders ranked highly.

In the Junior Division, Gym Leader Logan is ranked #1 in Virginia.  Logan’s rating places him at #46 in the nation and #60 in the world.  There are 1761 juniors registered nationally and 2610 in the world.  His run at the North Carolina Championships vaulted him into the top spot in the state.  It is safe to say that his win qualifies as a significant upset.  Logan’s opponent that he defeated in NC finals, Blaine H is North Carolina’s #1.  Blaine is #5 in the nation and #8 in the world.  Blaine won the Virginia State Championship, where Logan finished in 6th place and never had a chance for a rematch with Blaine.

Logan is busy practicing for the Regional Championships on April 16th in Quinton, VA.  A strong showing there would strengthen his chances to earn an invitation to the World Championships in August.  The regional champ receives travel and accommodations to Nationals.  Logan knows that a win there will require some amazing play mixed with a little luck.

Gym Leader Joel is ranked #12 in Virginia in the Masters Division.  Joel’s rating places him at #392 in the nation and #542 in the world.  By comparison to the Juniors, there are 5570 Masters registered in the nation and 8311 in the world.  With that volume of players, the odds of battling into the Worlds in very slim.  Joel is looking forward to Nationals and, with Logan’s help,  continues to develop decks and strategies that will hopefully take the field by surprise.  With the release of all new cards in Black & White coming between Regionals and Nationals, the National Championship should be very exciting and open to decks that no one has seen before.

Come to the Gym and train with us.  You never know what you might accomplish and we promise that you’ll have a good time.  See you at the Gym!


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