Sunday Is DS Day, Fire Gym Leader Tourney Concludes

The Disk Catch season is now underway and we now have the new materials for this season.  The new league promos are Houndoom from Undaunted and Special Darkness Energy.  This Sunday, as is the first Sunday of every month, is a DS day.  If you have any of the pokemon video games (Platinum and newer) come battle with friends on your Nintendo DS.  As always, there will be plenty of tables for card game battles.

The Fire Gym Leader challenge should conclude this Sunday as well.  Austin has battled his way into the finals.  Logan awaits the winner of James and Jay.  Their battle will determine who faces Austin in the finals.  The winner will be available for gym leader challenges in the next few weeks.

Come battle with your friends, challenge a Gym Leader for a badge and earn some cool prizes.  See you at the Gym!


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