Austin Is New Fire Type Gym Leader!

Today at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym, the Fire Gym Leader tournament came to a close.  In the finals, which was a best 2 out of 3 match, Austin faced off with Gym Leader Logan.  En route to the finals, Logan defeated Austin in the second round of the tournament, but Austin recovered and battled his way back to earn the rematch in the finals.

In the first match, both players got off to slow starts, but as set up progressed, Austin got the advantage as his Charizard count outnumbered Logan’s Magmortar count.  The match went back and forth with alternating knockouts. Thanks to some well placed rescue energies, Austin endured several 150-170 damage “Hard Crushes” to take game 1.  The second match developed much like the first, this time with Logan taking the advantage.  Logan was poised to take control of game 2 with a chance to knock out a belted Charizard, but he could not draw the double colorless energy needed to do so.  Austin knocked out his last Magmortar to take the match.

It was exciting to watch the 2 very talented competitors with well built fire decks battle back and forth.  Austin has continuously improved since his arrival at the Gym, and with the development of his understanding of opposing strategies (and a little patience), he has found his niche and is a perfect fit for the Fire Gym Leader.  While Logan was disappointed with the loss, he and the other Gym Leaders welcome Austin to the ranks of the Fincastle Pokemon Gym.  Having an additional leader will help the Gym get to challenges quicker, so hopefully those waiting will not to wait as long.  If Austin is ready next week, he will be available for challenges.  If he needs a week to prepare, he will be available the week after.  Gym Leaders available will be posted next week at the Gym.

On that note, the Fincastle Gym Leaders had four successful defenses of challenges today.  Gym Leader Marthe defended two challenges for the electric badge and one for the psychic.  Gym Leader Joel defended a challenge for the grass badge.  That brings the Gym Leader’s record to 62-8 in challenges.  It was a very busy and very exciting day.  Join us next Sunday when we hope to make a huge dent in the list of those waiting for challenges.  Get ready to battle you best and win a badge.  See you at the Gym!

Badges Earned to Date:

-Austin W – Steel, Grass

-Tyler D – Electric, Steel, Grass

-Chris L – Electric

-James H – Psychic

-Tessa Y – Fire


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