Black and White Theme Decks Now Available

The first playable sets of Black and White are now on sale.  Pokemon released three new starter decks this week from the new set, each based on the three new starter pokemon from the video game (Oshawott, Snivy and Tepig).  The decks are Blue Assault, a water/electric deck centered around Oshawott’s evolution, Samurott, Green Tornado, a grass/psychic deck centered around Snivy’s evolution, Serperior, and Red Frenzy, a fire/fighting deck centered around Tepig’s evolution, Emboar. These decks definitely provide a good sample of what’s to come in the full release on April 25th of Black and White.  Don’t forget that each deck comes with a code that allows you to play the deck online at  As a side note for anyone planning on attending Regional Championships, these cards will not be allowed into the Modified Format until the official release date of 4/25, so they are not allowed at Regional on 4/16 in Quinton, VA.

Pick up your favorite one and bring it to the Gym this Sunday.  There will plenty of trainers to test it against.  Don’t forget to take the opportunity to challenge a Gym Leader if you’ve earned a challenge.  Remember that the challenges are not easy and even if you lose the challenge, talk to the leader about their deck and yours and take some ideas away from battle about ways to improve your strategy.  And you never know, you may be the next trainer to walk away with a Gym Badge.  See you at the Gym!


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