Pokeathlon Ends April 25th, Black and White Starter Cycle Up Next!

The Disc Catch season, which is the final season of the Pokeathlon league cycle, ends April 25th.  Depending on when we get the next season’s supplies, the Fincastle Pokemon Gym may continue Disc Catch until the first Sunday in May (5/1) to give everyone a chance to earn the final patch.  Since Sunday, April 24th is the last official day, it will be the “double mark” day (each game played earns double marks, a Gym Leader Challenge earns 6).  So what will happen after this season?  We do not know for sure but this is what we’ve heard.

The next league cycle will be three seasons, the first beginning on 5/2, that will take us through the end of this year’s tournament cycle which ends with the World Championships in San Diego in August.  The next cycle will be based on the Black and White starters Oshawatt, Snivy and Tepig.  We anticipate (but do not know for sure) that prizes will continue with promo cards and patches based on the starter pokemon.  Because our meeting on 5/1 will be between seasons, we will allow those games played to count on either season.

Gym Leader Logan is on his way to Quinton to compete in the Regional Championships in the Junior Division.  As Virginia’s top ranked Junior, Logan continues his quest to battle his way to the World Championships.  While invites to the Worlds are a longshot for any player, he has shown the patience and the maturity necessary to get there. With a little luck, who knows what will unfold.  Good luck to Logan and all those competing!

Come by the Gym, hear about his weekend and battle with us and your friends.  Hopefully all four Gym Leaders will be available and ready to take on challenges from all those ready to battle.  See you at the Gym!


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