Gym Leader Logan is Regional Champion!

Logan and all of his winnings

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym sent two of its leaders to Quinton, VA on 4/16 to the Play!Pokemon Regional Championship.  Gym Leader Marthe went to act as a judge for the Senior Division while Gym Leader Logan went to compete in the Junior Division.  There were three Regional Tournaments on the east coast, one in Pennsylvania, one in Georgia and the one in Virginia.  The Virginia event drew 150 players from Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, West Virginia and Tennessee.  Juniors played 5 rounds of “swiss” with a top cut of 4, Seniors played 6 rounds with a top cut of 8 and Masters players 7 rounds with a top cut of 16.  Swiss rounds are single game matches.  Top cut matches are the best 2 of 3.

Logan entered the day as the #1 ranked player in Virginia.  His performance definitely validated his ranking.  Logan won all 5 rounds of “swiss”, defeating along the way North Carolina’s #2 Junior, Tracy R, in the 3rd round and one of the Virginia State finalists, Fabrizio L.,  in round 5.  Logan stood as the only undefeated Junior after the opening 5 rounds.  Tournament software rankings separated a logjam of players with 4-1 records to see who would join Logan in the top cut.  In the semi-final round of top cut, Logan faced Justin K. in a best 2 of 3 match.  Logan won in straight games and advanced to the final match where he squared off with Michael H.  Michael defeated Austin K., Justin’s brother, in the other semi-final.  Logan defeated Michael in straight games to take the championship.  As in the North Carolina State Championship, Logan finished the day without losing a single game which, considering the competition, is an amazing feat.

Logan in the Semi-Final round

As Regional Champion, Logan was awarded a $1500 scholarship from Play!Pokemon.  He received a box of 36 booster packs, a card binder, a card play mat and card sleeves.  Logan will now have a 1st and 2nd round bye (2 automatic wins) at the National Championship in Indianapolis in July.  Play!Pokemon also furnishes airfare and accommodations for Logan (and parents) to Indianapolis.  While rankings have not been processed yet to account for the tournament results, the streak of wins should catapult Logan to one of the top spots in the country and greatly increase the odds that he will receive an invitation to the World Championships this August in San Diego.

Congratulations to Logan.  The Fincastle Gym Leaders and members are all proud of Logan’s accomplishments.  Next up, the National Championship.  Stay tuned!


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