Congratulations Angela!

Congratulations to Angela Y. for being the latest member of the Fincastle Pokemon Gym to win a gym badge.  On Sunday, Angela took on Gym Leader Marthe’s electric deck.  As always, the challenge was a best 2 out of 3 match.  While the Gym Leader’s deck is based on speed, Angela’s proved to be faster.  Angela took the first game before Marthe could even get set up.  The second game followed suit, as the quick hitting challenger took the match in straight games to earn the electric badge.  Angela’s victory, in addition to being her first badge, also is another Gym first.  She and her daughter, Tessa, are the first parent-child combo to win gym badges.  Wait to go guys… or gals, rather!

Gym Leaders Austin and Marthe also completed successful defenses of 2 more challenges for the fire and electric badges.  After all challenges from this Sunday, the Fincastle Gym Leaders are now 66-9 in gym battles.  With the total at 75 challenges, here’s a little something to look forward to.  Whoever attempts the 100th gym leader challenge will get a surprise from the Gym!

To earn a challenge at the Gym, you need to complete 2 rows on your league scorecard.  Once you earn a challenge, sign up for the Gym Leader of your choice at the front desk and that leader will play you at the first chance we get.  Challenges are by no means easy, but as several of our best trainers have proved, they can be won.  Keep up the great work and see you at the Gym!

Badges Earned to Date:

-Austin W – Steel, Grass

-Tyler D – Electric, Steel, Grass

-Chris L – Electric

-James H – Psychic

-Tessa Y – Fire

-Angela Y – Electric


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