Pokemon Tournament in Roanoke on 5/21!

Play!Pokemon will bring its first sanctioned tournament to Roanoke on 5/21/11.  The event will be at the Cosmic Castle Event Center located on the front side of Towers Shopping Mall.  Tournament registration will begin at 1:00pm and end at 1:30pm.  Entry for the tournament is free.  Prizes are available and the tournament organizer is also known to be followed around by Carl, a will Burmy, who likes to hide.  A special prize is usually awarded to anyone that finds him.

The format for this event will be Modified Format, which means 60 card decks with cards from Majestic Dawn and newer (look under “What You’ll Need To Play” for a full list).  Deck lists will also be required for registering.  Several sites have deck list programs, we use the one found at “The PokeGym”  (http://www.pokegym.net, purple tab at the top of the page).  When time gets closer, we will have our computer and printer at the league to help anyone who needs it to make their list.  Black & White rules will be in effect by that point.  We will post on 4/25 to explain the changes that take place on that day.

The Fincastle Gym hopes all who are available will participate in the tournament.  A great turnout will hopefully bring more events to Roanoke in the future.  We will offer some carpool rides on that day, meeting at the Fincastle Library beforehand.  Anyone interested in attending should talk with Gym Leaders Marthe and Joel at weekly meetings to work out the details.  The Gym may also work out a special treat from our supply for any gym member that attends.  The event center is located on the front side of Towers mall on the end near Awful Arthur’s and the FedEx/Kinko’s store.

Cosmic Castle’s site:


Tournament link:


Any questions, contact us at:  fincastlepokemon@gmail.com


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