One Year Old and Going Strong!

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym turned one year old this week!  We started with 9 trainers and a parent or 2 that would join in.  Sunday at the Gym, there were 30 trainers playing games.  We now have 80 people signed up and are hoping to keep growing that number.  Remember, to help the Gym keep getting all the extras that everyone plays for, you need to activate your player ID and “Trainer Club Account” on Pokemon’s website (activate it with the PIN number on the card you get at league).  Our support from Pokemon is based off of the number of activated accounts.

To encourage all of our trainers to keep bringing new players, there will be a new incentive for anyone who does.  If you bring a new player, you may choose either an extra league promo or an extra pull from the league binder.

Sunday was a very busy day at the Gym.  Gym Leaders Austin, Logan and Joel defended 5 challenges for gym badges.  Several of the matches were close calls for the Gym Leaders.  All the challengers did a great job and hopefully picked up a few tips to strengthen their decks a little.  Gym Leaders are now 74-10 in challenges.  Don’t forget, whoever attempts the 100th challenge, win or lose, will get a special treat (84 and counting….).

Next Sunday, May 8, we will be in the Fincastle United Methodist Family Life Center at our normal time, 3:00p – 5:30p. This is the same location that we used before. Again, it is on Academy Street just up from the library on the corner. Park either behind the center or at the library/health department lot.  We will bring some blank deck lists and help anyone who is ready get their decks ready for the upcoming tournaments in Roanoke.  Yes, I did say tournaments, plural.  We now have a sanctioned tournament AND a premier event coming (both to the same location).  Premier events are the tournaments where players earn ranking points.  Both will have some cool prizes… more details to come on both.  We will also have some sign up forms which will help us coordinate with anyone needing a ride to either event.

This has really been an awesome year – a big thanks to all our players, parents, helpers and supporters – and the coming year looks even better.  See you at the Gym!

-Pokemon at the Cosmic Castle – 5/21/11 at 1:00pm

-Spring Battle Roads – 6/12/11   (also at the Cosmic Castle)  details:  TBA


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